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The Rescue Life Net offers an affordable, versatile, light-weight alternative to the bulky extraction methods and equipment  that have been available in the past. 
Easily stored in a small storage bag (included), the Rescue Life net can be deployed quickly and in tight quarters with no major problems. There are many uses for the fine product that is built by hand in the USA.   
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>>>Swift Water Rescue<<<
Our net has been used effectively in swift water rescue for years. As an affordable and light weight solution,  if can be carried by rangers, police, fire and other rescue professional.  At only 14 1/2 pound, the net fits compactly into the included carry bag for fast deployment and can be kept on hand at all times.   Look at the following images of the net in use in swift water operations: 

Fire Departments<<<

Grain bin operations in your locale may be interested in purchasing the Rescue Life Net for your department to have on hand in the event of an emergency related to grain bin rescue as well as many other uses.

Construction Industry
Many uses have been discovered utilizing the Rescue Net for use in the construction industry such as rescue of injured personnel as well as many non-emergency uses such as moving heavy equipment.  

Possible Insurance Savings
Inquire with your insurance provider to see if you can save money 

by having the Rescue Life Net on hand at your workplace.

Version 1 -  $485

This is the basic net. It is suitable for a variety of extraction operation including: 
1. Grain bin extraction
2. Rapid water rescue
3. Construction Rescue
4. And many others
  Version 2 -  $545
(includes additional hardware)

Additional accessories for air bag deployment prevention.  This net comes with additional items to secure the net and prevent injuries to emergency personnel and victims of car accidents 

At last, a safe and economical solution to undeployed air bags!


Finally, a product is available to protect the victim as well as the rescue team from deployment of an air bag during an extrication process.  RescueLifeNet is a company that formed in response to an unmet need for a safe way to contain the driver’s air bag as well as the passenger bag should they accidentally deploy during the extrication process.  Our high quality net is capable of containing 3000 pounds of pressure and can be used over and over again without need for any type of recalibration.


Current users of this product have reported complete satisfaction and have reported numerous other important uses such as water rescue, transfer of obese patients, large animal rescue, high angle rescue, wilderness rescue, and trench rescue.  It has also been used to lift air bottles to upper level floors.  An added feature of this net is that it comes with a 21”by 9” storage bag for limited storage requirements.


In a demonstration of our product by a certified trainer, the net was found to “function as designed.”  It was also reported, “…all straps, buckles and stitching held together without damage or deformity.  The driver’s frontal airbag deployment depth was shortened; the passenger frontal airbag deployment depth was shortened and the deployment re-directed upward toward the windshield.”


We have a web site, that contains our contact information and demonstrates the containment of air bags.  We can provide a list of references for you to obtain reliable and unbiased information upon request. 


Also, we are a vendor for Homeland Security and our product can be found under the US&R category.  When applying for a grant, our net may be included in the request.


We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.  We are confident that you will find the versatility of this tool to be an essential part of any rescue effort.


Again, this tool has been successfully used in eight different operations and requires little space in your unit, which translates into purchasing eight tools for the price of one.

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