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The Benbrook Fire Department took delivery of six sets of Life Nets and placed them on our Engines, Medic Units, Ladder, Boat Rescue unit. In just a short few weeks of placing them we were able to put them to the test. We responded to a motor vehicle collision involving two vehicles one of the vehicles went off the bridge into the river which made extrication and access to the patients quite difficult. In the process of removing patients and moving them to higher ground we were able to use carabiner to strap the sides together around the patients and lift them to safety.


We now use the nets on our medic units for moving obese patients and works extremely well because of the weight ability of the net.


During the summer we used the Life Net to rescue a drowning patient that had been down for several days and surfaced by the dam area and extremely difficult gain access to the patient by ground, we were able to put the net around the patient next the boat and slowly move to the marina. We were able to avoid contamination to the boat and our crew.


The Benbrook Fire Department initially purchased the nets for the sole purpose for what the nets were intended to be used but quickly realized that there are so many other uses within the fire service.

For example we added them to our RIT team bags. High angle rescue team bags. And lake rescue team.


We are extremely pleased with the Life Rescue Net and recommend its use within the fire service.

-   “The Rescue Net was the other piece of equipment I had a chance to work with.  This versatile net can be used for a multitude of applications.  The original design was to be placed on the dash of a vehicle to prevent airbag deployment injury during vehicle extrication.  The net works very well for just this purpose, however, we have used the net in other applications and found it to be multi-functional.

  We used the net on a line across the river to catch our victim as they cam down.  The net worked well for this.  It was attached with carabineers and then a line was also attached to both ends.  This allowed the teams on both sides to pull the net so it would be in line with our victim.  The net can also be configured to carry equipment across the river by using the same technique with the exception of looping the net like a carry bag.  You can then pull the net back and forth.

   The net can also be used for large animal rescue, as it makes an excellent device for lifting the animals.  The net can also be used in high-level applications, as a confined space retrieval device, and to help secure a patient in a stokes litter.  I am sure there are other applications it could be used for, and we will continue to explore each and every one.”—David Pease

            Chief, The Reds Team



From: the Carlolina FIRE RESCUE EMS Journal, vol. 21, No. 3, Winter, 2007

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